Apply now to enter the property market today!

Deposit Loan Rates Starting from 6% (Comparison Rate 6.2%)

The majority of working Australian’s qualify. It’s easy and 100% digital.

Deposit Lend

Deposit Lend as the name suggests prepares you to purchase a property with Zero deposit. Many Australians have the capacity to afford a mortgage but are constantly weighed down with the long-term struggle of accumulating a deposit.

Helping Australians with deposit loans so they can realise their dream of home ownership.

Apply now to save hundreds of thousands in rent money and enter the property market today!

Deposit Loan Rates Starting from 6% (Comparison Rate 6.2%)

Apply Now without getting any marks on your credit score!

What makes us different

When you apply through Deposit Lend, you aren’t just finding out if you are eligible, you will be given a tailored pathway to move through the Deposit Lend Program and enter the property market.

Yes, that means even if most lenders may not accept your application, we won’t decline you but provide you an opportunity to enter the market through the Deposit Lend Program, with a 100% money back guarantee!*

The everyday Australian takes 10 years to save for a deposit while paying hundreds per week in rent.

Turn that rent money into mortgage money by getting your foot into the property market today!


The majority of working Australian’s who enquire, qualify for our services. That could be you!

To apply you must be:

  • 18 years and older.
  • An Australian citizen, Permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen.
  • On an income that can comfortably service the deposit loan and primary mortgage.
  • Not currently bankrupt or under a debt agreement
How to Apply
What we offer
Deposit Lend Program
  • Get your foot in the property market with 100% Money back Guarantee
  • Ensure you are ready for a mortgage and avoid any declines on your profile
  • Build the budgets and habits required for a property if you don’t already have them in place
  • You can move through at your own speed
  • Deposit Lend Program Fee – $8000
  • Start from a minimum of $200 per month
Deposit Loan

Deposit Loan

up to $150,000*

Loan Term

up to 20 Years

Establishment Fee


Early Repayment Fee


  • Rates from 6%¹ (comparison rate 6.2%²)*
  • Your rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • Establishment fee of $800
  • $10 monthly account keeping fee
  • No early repayment fees
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Find out more about our loan terms*

Get Started Today – No lines to wait in or awkward face to face meetings.

Tailored Pathway to Home Ownership – Individual plan to turn that renting money into mortgage money and reap the benefits.

Every Client is Unique – Your deposit loan interest rates and program timing is based on your individual assessment.


“Deposit Lend put together the best plan to help us get into our own home sooner. We plan to move in a couple of months. The final stages of the build are happening as I write this.”

- D. Mason

“The guys at Deposit Lend have done a great job getting us into our first home. We never thought it was possible with our financial issues.”

- B. Hamilton

“Because of Deposit Lend, I was able to purchase my own property in the suburb I wanted. I’m very happy with their work and professionalism.”

- J. Bassil
  • Can I apply for the deposit loan?

Yes! You can apply online here to see if you are eligible. No marks will be left on your credit file!

  • Do I need to do the Deposit Lend Program to get the Deposit Loan?

This depends on your current situation. Most clients that do not have a deposit themselves will need to go through the Deposit Lend Program.

  • How quickly can I get my deposit loan and property?

This again depends on your individual profile. Your timing will depend on your profile and ability to move through the program and pay off the fee in full.

  • What sort of property do your partners have in stock?

Our partners are able to source properties Australia wide, primarily along the East Coast of Australia with brand new houses, townhouses and apartments available.

  • Can I look at the properties first?

Pending your conditional approval it may require you to graduate the Deposit Lend Program. Only once you have graduated the program will you be able to explore options with the real estate partners and builders.

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